918   |    September 5 2017

SMS Alerts for Business and Marketing, A leading bulk sms platform for sending Transactional and Promotional SMS. Contact for free Bulk SMS trial 09952300300.

To send any sms to one person or more than one persons at a same time is done through a platform which Sathya Technosoft provide that is Bulk SMS services from this platform or software bulk sms is sent to millions of people at a same time for promotional purpose. Bulk SMS means if a customer is doing transaction from credit card then sms is coming to that particular person. Many activities can be simply carried out from bulk SMS platforms as they permit your businesses to create, schedule, send and track SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS is used for product or services promotions, transactional alerts, any order updates, informational services, feedback and many more. In today’s progressive world SMS services has beaten other media channels as it gets more response because this sms services helps to connect with customers in more closely way.

Package SMS Credit Cost / SMS Price Tax Total Cost
Basic 25000 0.13 p 3,250.00 585.00 3,835.00

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