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 1976   |    February 22 2017

Facebook, one of the most interactive online social media and social networking service started

Facebook, one of the most interactive online social media and social networking service started testing out a new jobs tab back in November. With this tab you can post open positions, so that job seekers can easily search and apply for those vacancies without missing them. Facebook confirmed that this week, the new functionality is going to be rolled out to all business Pages, starting with North American-based organizations.

Facebook has stated that,

“Beginning today, businesses in the US will be able to post job openings, and their future employees will be able to easily find those posts on their Page or in the new jobs bookmark. This new experience will help businesses find qualified people where theyre already spending their time—on Facebook and on mobile.”

As revealed, the work structure is very plain sailing. Once you desire to advertise an open position, click on the ‘Create Job’ option, so that it is registered to the new Page Post options buttons.

Now its simple, just fill the pertinent details with a brief description about you openings and post it.

This post will be now available on an accessible new Jobs tab for page visitors as shown:
Its now made easier for the job seekers, when you are gonna apply, much of your information are auto-populated based on your Facebook data, so that you can fill only the “Why do you think you’re a good candidate…” field and can submit your application via Messenger.

Page admins are provided with a power of viewing your application and contacting applicants via message, “all on mobile and all in one place”. The job post pages are free to post and will also use Facebook’s advertising System to reach more visitors.

This new feature makes us wander that Facebook takes steps on career and job seekers. Early April we have encouraged that Facebook would soon compete LinkedIn by employing the enlightenment graph to power a new career intelligence and recruitment system.

Facebook research Team recently conducted an experiment on two portions, one is who’s more beneficial in helping you find a job and the other is how jobs run in families.
But those studies gave a note that rather than utilizing their 1.86 Billiom strong network to learn and know people’s everyday preferences, Facebook is also used for career development insights and links, if properly utilized Facebook could make The Social Network a powerful challenger for LinkedIn, whose knowledge graph concentrate more on career insights and being a effective platform for job seekers.
Facebook’s knowledge graph too have a couple of significant advantages like size and more interactive people, giving them more opportunity for exposure, along with specific targeting to the right candidates, opening up new job ad targeting options like ‘Target people in similar roles’ or ‘Target people with similar profiles as your current employees’, which recruiters could theoretically utilize by uploading the e-mails of their current staff.

But these data options are not available yet, Facebook is starting out with only US and Canadian businesses. But there is opportunity for expansion and greater utilization of Facebook’s vast knowledge graph, the Facebook research team has already been performing research on how they can bring more career related insights and preferably it would be made available by November and will be a better competitor of LinkedIn.

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