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 1390   |    March 31 2017

Facebook is an outstanding digital marketing opportunity. Facebook has rolled out an original form of advertising that’s now obtainable to marketers everywhere

Facebook is an outstanding digital marketing opportunity. Facebook has rolled out an original form of advertising that’s now obtainable to marketers everywhere. Lead ads construct the method seamless for marketers to ask for info like emails, names, job titles, and more. The process is smooth and easy for Facebook users, too, as they by no means need to leave Facebook.

Few reasons:

  • Generating leads from Facebook may have just got a whole lot simpler.

  • We can’t wait to try them out ourselves!

  • Lead ads pull from data that Facebook has previously collected

  • One thing that’s difficult for a marketer is getting “enough” information about leads. A lead is created when somebody trades some form of contact in order to exchange for something of value. A rather popular lead-generation exchange we see in marketing involves someone trading their email address for an ebook or whitepaper.

  • Lead ads assist you capture leads without needing to build landing pages or forms

    This may be the most popular aspect of Facebook’s lead ads: now, you don’t need to put up any more assets between your offer and your ad. You can now capture those leads straight from Facebook!

    Here’s why that’s such a big deal:

    Without lead ads, if you wanted to run a lead gen campaign using Facebook ads, one way to do it would comprise been the traditional lead-gen way:

  • Create your offer (that piece of content like an ebook or whitepaper that you’d trade to people for their contact information).

  • Create a form to capture leads’ email addresses (and maybe some other info).

  • Create a landing page for that form to live on.

  • Create some ads pointing your target audience to your landing page.

  • That’s a lot of work. Not only do you have to generate that piece of content you’re giving away, but afterward you need to build landing pages and forms just to build it available to the people you made it for.

    Facebook lead ads put fewer steps between your audience and your offer.

    Remember those four kinds of marketing assets we listed in the previous section?

    Content you’re giving away
    Landing page

    If you flip that list upside-down, you see what your audience’s experience would look like. It’s roughly four steps long:

    Click an ad
    Leave Facebook to go to a landing page
    Fill out a form
    Get that free content!

    There’s nothing wrong with this process. But Facebook’s lead ads eliminate the necessitate for landing pages and forms which means the user’s experience goes from four steps long to only three:
    Click an ad
    Confirm my info
    Get that free content!

    Facebook lead ads don’t pull people out of Facebook

    We looked at how, with lead ads, your audience doesn’t need to visit a landing page to get to your awesome lead-generation content. It’s a simpler, more straightforward way to get to your offer.
    But that way your audience gets to stay in Facebook, which can be a huge win for two big reasons:

    Your audience feels less intermittent. With lead ads, your audience can see your ad, sign up to get your content, and then effortlessly transition right back to browsing their News Feed.

    Your audience doesn’t include to wait for a new page to load. Instead, they’re served up that choice to confirm info immediately. This can be a vast deal for mobile users specially!

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