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 340   |    June 7 2017

Track your vehicle from your smartphone. Manage your fleet using our advanced GPS Tracking Device at best price in Chennai and Tamilnadu.

In today’s advanced technology we are capable of using GPS tracking devices for trucks, vans, vehicles, barges, gear and even to manage through your mobile resources, no matter where they are located as satellite communication.

Sathya Technosoft offers GPS vehicle tracking devices in Chennai Tambaram that is modified specially to your business requirements, as long as detailed reporting on your vehicles, and even help in cost cutting . Through GPS tracking device you can locate where your vehicle, safety of driver and employees of your company. You can relay with Sathya Technosoft GPS device as it is efficient , reliable and you can keep track of every travel with date and time. Its is realiable and trustworthy device to keep the track and record driver duty shift and even safety of loved ones. We are fully tested, warrented and for at any problem 24/7 customer service is there which solve your problems within short period of time.


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