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 713   |    September 9 2017

We are providing High Quality Business VOIP solutions to enterprises, Call Center softwares, IVR Services in Madurai and Chennai. Contact 09952300300.

We provide high quality, cost effective IT solutions and services efficiently and effectively. Quality service is important component in business service or solutions. We focus on latest technology to make profit in your business by smarter approach. Our Hosted IVR system automates your business communication system.

Automated Voice Response System (AVRS) is a part of hosted IVR solution takes input from customer’s touch according to their need. Call recording is available in control panel which helps you to analyze your daily reports. We have 24/7 active service where you handle every inquiries just by advertising your product and number across India. It is toll free you don’t need to bear the charges of incoming calls on IVR, but it manages all inquiries in a way that you never miss a single lead of your business which is profit making for your organization or company . History of each and every incoming call, received call, missed call are made available in panel with complete online administration.

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