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Do you want to generate leads from your Instagram business account? Follow these Instagram marketing secrets to give a boost to your business in Instagram.

Looking to establish and promote your small business using Instagram Then I would say that you have picked the right platform. In order to start with the promoting strategies, knowing a few instructions about Instagram will be worthy. This is why we are here! Continue with reading our blog and get more ideas on how to promote and build up your business to the next level.

Create a Perfect Bio:

First, do a small analysis. Walk into some of the interesting profiles or accounts that you follow and adore. Look at their bio and grasp some ideas on how fascinatingly they have prepared. Keep in mind, that you have only 5 lines which can accommodate up to 150 characters, within this limit you can add attractive content and compelling emoji which will attract the attention of the visitors ending up in your account.

Hey, dont miss this - add your email address, phone number, and a logo or an image related to your business in the bio which will speak more than your content.

Choose Interesting Theme & Editing Style:

This will the second important factor that you have to consider. Pick an amusing theme for your account is very important. Because people judge you and your brand only by looking at the attractive theme that you have implemented in your profile.

Make use of photos, graphics and attractive colour palettes which will enhance the richness of your profile.

Post Frequently & give captivating captions:

Posting daily is not a matter with Instagram, but be sure that you post at least 3 times a week that too when your followers are online because Instagram shows post only based on relevancy and not on recent updates. Look to that your post gets more comment because Instagram takes only the post that covers more clients.

Use All 30 Hashtags:

Make sure you use all 30 hashtags. Instagram is now updated and gives you the popularity of a hashtag that you have used and it also suggests hashtags while you are typing. Look at what your competitors are doing and how they use and make your tags according to it.

Add a location and Tag Relevant Accounts:

While you are posting any content on Instagram look to that you add the location (Country, State) you dwell. But use this factor only when your post denotes a discussion or asking a question. Also, do not tag people who are nor related to the post because this will annoy them.

Follow and Engage with Related Accounts:

Look into your competitors account and find their followers because they might love your services too. Then follow them and then comment on their posts. This may take time to convert them into your followers but it will be long-lasting.

Use Instagram Stories:

It is nothing but a15-minute video clips and images that exist on your account only for 24 hours. Making it more attractive is another chance of grasping the attention of more number of visitors. Be sure that you use unique snippets.

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