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Webmail Hosting Services & Email Solutions Providers in Singapore

Email hosting services include scalable business emails, live chat and collaboration server that meets all requirements of any sized business, from the single proprietorship to a venture group or service provider with thousands of domains and millions of users.


Get immediate access to Email for Business and more from your favorite web browser! SmarterMail's Web interface is both enormously spontaneous and simple to use. All you require is an Internet connection!

Instant Messaging

Business email provides private, protected and immediate communication across your association, as we provide services to different companies.

Desktop / Mobile Sync

Give your users the liberty to utilize whichever platform they are most comfortable with! Email Solution flawlessly syncs across mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications.

User collaboration

Share your contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes and truly work together with anybody in your company, department or even across a collection of users within your organization.

Do you use a variety of devices?

Flawlessly sync your business email, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks anywhere! Business email provider a variety of synchronization protocols, including the industry's premier technology, Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, which allows for immediate, native synchronization by push technology. By no means, you miss another email, appointment, or due date!

Email Providers

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Anti - spam and safety

Business email hosting includes multi-layer spam prevention that achieves 97% protection out of the box. Plus, it includes several security enhancements that put off the mail server from being compromised as well as support for SSL/TLS encrypted connections, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory integration and more! Add extra layers of protection:

Message Sniffer

This gifted antispam scanner is frequently updated on your server and uses two-way learning technologies to precisely identify spam, scams, viruses, and cloud email hosting bear malware before it hits your users' inboxes!

User collaboration

Using the Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) service from Cyren, the effectiveness of your spam security is noticeably enhanced while the intensive CPU cycles needed for spam prevention are offloaded to Cyren's servers.

Zero - Hour Antivirus

Experience protected with virus safety that is efficient, instant and signature-independent. By offloading the intensive CPU cycles to Cyren, you're protected from outbreaks the moment they happen with zero collision on your server.

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