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  • We are highly skilled and focused which give positive results through our SEO campaigns
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Local SEO

Local SEO services are the best method to showcase your business online. It enables businesses to promote their products and services to local clients at the correct time they're searching for a local business. Local SEO services utilize an assortment of methodologies — getting your site positioned on search engines like Google. A large number of clients utilize local search each day to locate the best local businesses in their general vicinity. You can help build your odds of getting found by these potential clients through Local SEO.

Local SEO has become fundamentally finished the most recent couple of years, especially given the ascent of smartphone use and better availability while all over the place. Local SEO is centered around giving outcomes that are pertinent to a searcher in light of their momentum area.

On the off chance that I search for 'best SEO Company' in my work area at this moment, Google would give me the closest.

Develop Your Business Using Local SEO Packages Now is the ideal opportunity for you to exploit local search engine optimization and lift your business before your rivals get on. Every local business, from handymen and manufacturers to flower vendors and bookkeepers can enhance their business and profit through local SEO. So begin today!

E-Commerce SEO

When you have an online store, you realize that it's extremely essential to drive people to your website. However, you may end up attempting to rank in searches, or to get the desired measure of traffic. E-commerce SEO strategy from SATHYA Technosoft can help you by:

E-commerce SEO agency can help in Driving relevant, highly targeted traffic to your online store from search engines. Identifying the words and phrases that shoppers are utilizing to discover your store, and improving your website for them. Breaking down your store's funnel to discover holes in the sales and shopping cart process, and resolving them to boost conversions

In this advanced era, informal exchange or Internet advertising isn't enough. You need to accomplish more to be successful online. That is where SEO and e-commerce marketing come into play. E-commerce search engine marketing makes it easy for potential customers to discover you whenever.

E-commerce SEO services, like those offered by SATHYA, are the best method to boost your store's positioning in search results, convey more traffic to your site, and boost your conversion rate. As a leading e-commerce SEO organization, we offer the best E-commerce SEO packages and recognize what goes into making the best stores visible and easily accessible in search engines.

Why Do E-commerce Websites Need SEO?

Search engine optimization has several purposes for most websites, yet it's apparently more critical for e-commerce. This is because e-commerce customers are regularly ready to purchase. Your potential customers are ready to hand over their well-deserved money—yet without SEO, they may never even know your store exists. SEO for e-commerce makes sure your store is visible with the goal that you can maximize your benefits.

By disregarding SEO, you may not be visible during the consumer purchasing process. The absence of perceivability in search results means that fewer customers will think about you, you will sell fewer items, and your development will be stunted. Enhancing your rankings in natural search results can lead to massive increases in online traffic and revenue. With competition as high as it is online, you need the complete package of online presence. And with an e-commerce SEO design from SATHYA, that is exactly what you'll get.

Free Audit - Know Your Website Performance

Free Audit tool is a standout amongst the most essential internet marketing tools that are actualized to give a site an itemized understanding and additionally required data on enhancing their online visibility to the absolute best.

A free SEO audit covers a portion of the real zones, for example, web space related issues, web engineering, web content issues, content topic examination, ease of use issues, outbound and inbound connection investigation, site route issues, web server setup, and that's just the beginning.

Examining these issues and amending them through exhaustive SEO campaign will enable a business to remain in front of the rivals in the online search.

SEO Auditing would be characterized as the approach towards changing and reinforcing a site's online pertinence to amplify the possibility of creating volumes of qualified client traffic to your website.

Benefits of Free Audit Tool

  • It gives a detailed idea about how your website is performing in Search Engines.
  • It shows that how well your web pages are functioning in Social Media.
  • It shows the total number of internal or external links.
  • Individually you can test the Web Page Relevancy.
  • It comes with recommendations of what needs to be fixed.
  • It allows you to download SEO report of your site.

Global SEO

Would you like to make your Brand reputation over the Globe and would you say you are targeting clients universally? At that point you are at an ideal place, SATHYA is a perceived SEO Company that offers international SEO services which guarantees quality Internet Marketing Solutions and Search Engine Optimization. We have a group of exceedingly gifted SEO experts who have numerous times of involvement in Global SEO.

In Global SEO, we target clients globally by means of the global search engines. Global SEO incorporates targeting numerous nations immediately or every one of the nations that incorporate US, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia. Our experts deliberately do the keyword research and work in like manner. Presently its opportunity to center clients everywhere throughout the world and set up your business globally.

We have enhanced the positioning of numerous organizations and dealers. Global SEO is turning into a more prominent need nowadays. Global SEO is, at last, a way to the one lifted up an objective that each SEO advertisers ought to make progress toward. We trust in conveying the most consistent and important client experience to every client Search Engine like Google, paying little respect to location, and language. Get identified an make your business reach peak.

Mobile SEO

Fast-paced growth and developments in mobile innovations have taken the complete world by a storm. whether or not it's for gathering crucial info or coming up with purchases on the online, mobile innovations have created it attainable on the go.

You just ought to have your smartphones, tablets, and different devices with you and also the entire world can simply be a faucet away. With such incomparable quality of the mobile revolution, each place of business desires to draw on this avenue.

Their objective is to create sturdy client relationships by reaching bent on them, even once potential shoppers square measure aloof from their desktop.

Benefits of Mobile SEO Services :

Extending your business reach can inevitably rely on your brand’s visibility. If your dream venture lacks a powerful online presence, then maybe it'll not show up in mobile searches too. It's here that Mobile SEO services emerge because the prime requisite for businesses.

Greater conversions: By optimizing sites for mobile devices, businesses can earn the chance of changing guests into potential customers.

Competitive advantage: Having mobile search engine optimization you can inevitably lead to competitive benefits over your market competitors. With a lively mobile visibility, you may get to serve customers even after they are traveling.


SEO is the application of different strategies to enhance the search rankings of a website. These strategies go from on-page optimization, quality content, to authoritative link building. SEO is a vital piece of any online marketing design and with a balanced system; with which most websites can see enhanced rankings.

SEO is an investment for the future of your organization. The natural traffic produced from search engine optimization has a substantially higher ROI in the long-term than that of paid search traffic. In the event that your website isn't on page 1 for your top keywords, you are losing a great opportunity for a vast bit of your online potential.

Truly. E-commerce websites have their own novel arrangement of difficulties, however, our demonstrated practices create victories over and over. We have worked with many E-commerce websites and have created optimum outcomes and better results for our clients.

The cost of an SEO campaign lies with the keywords being focused on, the historical backdrop of your site, the industry, and the measure of work expected to accomplish your objectives. We work with businesses of all sizes, expansive and little, and have moderate techniques that convey genuine outcomes.

SEO is a marketing strategy to build search positions, for acquiring more organic search traffic. This strategy generally has a better ROI when compared to Paid Search. The advantage of PPC is that you can begin acknowledging traffic and deals much sooner. SEO and PPC are both fundamental internet marketing procedures for any business.

Indeed. Search engine optimization can enhance a site's perceivability in the search results. That expanded perceivability will prompt more potential clients adapting more about your products and services. So trust SEO for your business and obtain more positive results. For SEO package details you can contact us!

Indeed. The methodologies and strategies utilized by our firm take after the most recent in best practices while staying great inside Google's rules. We have additionally directed various researches, giving us an edge over our rivals, however more imperatively, giving our customers an edge over theirs.

  • We optimize your website and improve your rankings in Google
  • We can analyze the rules and make your site meet Google Analytics
  • Be seen by customers when they’re searching for your offerings

Genuine Google Partners

SATHYAis a Google Certified Partners for both Analytics and Adwords. It implies SATHYA Technosoft had practical experience in both natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid to market (pay per click). Our SEO experts have many years of involvement in giving our customers a sound learning of the most recent site design improvement patterns.

It’s time to generate more valid traffic !!!

SATHYA Technosoft is a full-service Digital marketing agency dedicated to helping clients improve their online conversion, build online presence and search engine ranking of their websites. We take a unique approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by using our very own measure of reach and share of voice across desktop and mobile. In the first phase of an SEO project, our analysts make SEO recommendations and changes to optimize your website to better target the audiences that you are looking to reach.

Our experienced SEO specialists will develop a strategic website marketing plan that will, in turn, launch your company’s website to the top of the search engines.

We primarily focus on site architecture optimization, keyword research, link management following industry best practices, content creation and syndication.

SEO Marketing Objectives

Deliver amazing results and improve rankings for relevant search terms with proven ethical (white hat) SEO strategies, in order to boost traffic and capture a greater share of Internet leads.

Our SEO Approach

SEO programs are highly complex and ever-changing. Our methodology is designed to break down activities into manageable and understandable pieces. This will help the business owners easily understand the effectiveness of SEO approach from Digital strategy and why this is important.

We also provide Local SEO for small- and medium-scale businesses to improve their business extension using online mediums to reach potential buyers who can help you to double your business revenue.

Benefits of Hiring Outsourced SEO Services

  • More targeted visitors to your website
  • More qualified prospects
  • Increased sales
  • Better ROI
  • Improved brand visibility

SATHYA SEO services

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website Optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting
  • Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Mobile SEO
  • International Search
  • Shopping Search
  • Google+ Local SEO
  • Corporate SEO
  • Small Business SEO
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Web Marketing Analytics
  • Reporting/KPIs

Contact us to improve your online presence and increase your website traffic, online conversion and customer engagement today!

We make every effort to bring in an incremental improvement in the services we render and we are always successful in maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. With the high-quality delivery standards and support services, our objective is to provide business solutions to add value to our client’s operations and we are dedicated to helping clients improve their online exposure.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we always provide our clients with services which have been customized for their business. This helps our clients to emphasize different aspects of their business and also to attain a unique identity in their market sector. Our services are custom designed to help our clients to boost their businesses and outsmart their competitors.

Technical SEO Audit

As a full-service SEO client, we will perform a technical SEO audit of your website and will look at every technical error that might be happening with your website. Some of the SEO issues and items we will look at as part of the technical SEO audit include 301 redirect, sitemap, duplicate content, 404 issues, broken link and much more!

Keyword Research

Extensive research of your industry and recommendations on which keywords and phrases will be most beneficial to optimize and naturally incorporate on each page of your website. We will hand pick the most relevant keyword phrases for each page of your website, based on the content on each page.

Competitor’s Analysis

Once you have your keyword list, type those terms into Google and write down the sites that show up in the top 10. Often you’ll see the same sites appearing again and again. You’ll want to identify the sites that rank for many keywords in that niche and add them to your list of competitors. In this part of the process, it’s important that you find sites that are “truly” competitive with yours. In this part of the process, it’s important that you find sites that are “truly” competitive with yours.

Quality Link Building

Links are still the currency of the internet, regardless of what industry pundits may say. Link development is one of the most potent tools to build traffic to your content and convert digital strangers into qualified leads. Try our high-quality link building services to help build traffic and authority for your website, providing more traffic and higher rankings.

  • We start with developing a link strategy where our experts discover natural ways sites like yours could be earning links.
  • We look into where qualified traffic goes to find information about your type of business.
  • Next, we conduct a competitive backlink analysis to get a feel for where you are in comparison to your biggest competitors.
  • We then execute targeted link research to uncover promotional link opportunities.

Throughout our process, we provide useful recommendations to you as well as partner with you to help earn the best links possible. Our team not only dedicates time to obtaining valuable links by using our proven tactics but have developed processes overtime to do so efficiently. You’re benefiting from our years of experience in this field earning links from authoritative sites.

Content Marketing

In today’s world of SEO, content is king and the content that matters is anything that is public and shareable. This includes blogs, articles, web page content, presentations and more. A strong content marketing campaign is important for every business and website, regardless of industry. Producing great content is not only useful for SEO but also helps with brand building and is the substance of any social media marketing campaign.

Results Monitoring

Implementation is not where the job ends. Being a renowned search engine optimization company, we realize the importance of measuring results and monitoring the response our strategy is giving. We are flexible, and we know when to make amends to the SEO strategy because rigidity cannot lead to success. Our results monitoring comes with a thorough SEO analysis to help you gauge and inspect the progress. To maintain complete transparency in the SEO program, we share all crucial and detailed insights because we believe and support that an informed client is a happy client.

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