EB Meter Reader

Take control over your utility bills!

Specialities of EB Meter Reader!

We all know about the EB Meter Reader that is mounted in everyone's home and offices to record the energy consumption every month. At the month-end, we get astonished on seeing a highly electric power bill. And, this is because we do not check our meter readers frequently to reduce or normalize the consumption.

Here comes our automated EB Meter Reader which monitors the electric power consumption of your home or office now and then and alerts the owners when the power consumption crosses the pre-determined threshold value. This can help you in saving the electricity.

This EB Meter Reader can also send you alerts when there is an abnormally high power or low power flowing in any segment of your home or industry which has to be rectified immediately to avoid disruptions.



Fix the automatic EB Meter Reader.


Set the threshold power value of your desire.


Get alerts when the threshold value is met.


Get alerts when there is an abnormal power flow or consumption.

This EB Meter Reader can be used in residential, commercial, industrial sectors, and so on.


  • Get real-time and accurate billing information
  • Avoids dispute due to billing errors
  • Useful for energy conservation and keeps users away from fraudulent energy consumption
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