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Easy to mark and track employee's attendance!

Biometrics is one of the advanced methodologies using which you can update the fingerprint of your employees and mark daily attendance through fingerprint scanning technique. Installing Biometrics at the entrance will induce your employees to peep in after scanning their fingerprint and marking attendance. Using Biometrics, you can get employee attendance in your fingertips, and managing the payroll process on-time turns simpler with Biometrics for the Human Resource team.

We provide top-quality and less maintenance Biometrics system to our esteemed clients. Our team of expert technical specialists will accompany clients both before and after purchase. From choosing the right product to installing and maintaining, we have you all covered at economical price ranges.


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We provide GPS device for our customers at budget-friendly prices. By fixing the GPS device on vehicles or any other properties of your necessity, you will get instant and immediate alert on the location of the automobiles or any other product to which you have fixed the GPS.

With the help of GPS, you can avoid theft, or you can trace your property during mishaps at ease. With us, you can get the supreme quality GPS device at affordable prices. Right from installation to service, we accompany our customers whenever required.

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