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How can SmartStore support E-Commerce solutions

SmartStore is a robust open source software which can provide elegant new and updated designs for your online store. Users can experience simpler strategies to utilize this SmartStore. It is packed with holistic features which can be implemented to demonstrate a highly functional e-commerce store. It is affordable and does not include any hidden cost. SmartStore is completely a modern way to establish a successful online shop that yields more profit.

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What benefits do you reap from a SmartStore?

SATHYA Technosoft

Complete control over the content

Create and manage your content at any time you are in need of. Make seasonal promotions, offer contents, and so on to attract your online shop visitors who will eventually become your valid and profitable customer.

SATHYA Technosoft

Need not be a legend in HTML or CSS

You can create your modular online store completely at your convenience. You will not be required to learn anything additional in setting up your wonderful online shop which will bring you more profits.

SATHYA Technosoft

Fully integrated and easy-to-use

Tell your business story in the most captivating manner by making use of the smartest and easiest content management system that is integrated with the SmartStore, we also assist you in case of any hassles.

Get to know the intense features of SmartStore

SATHYA Technosoft

Comprehensive open source

Entire SmartStore is an open source software packed with enormous features that can make your utility great and effective. You need not invest any additional charges to own simple extensions.

SATHYA Technosoft

Charming design

To get more valid leads, acquiring a responsive and user-friendly online store is vital. We bring to the plate, a wide collection of attractive themes which will bring your site live and engaging.

SATHYA Technosoft

Simple to use

Products, Customers, Orders, Payments, Inventory, Discounts, Coupons, Newsletter, Blogs, News, and so much other options can be handled easily with the backend controls that we get on making use of this application.

SATHYA Technosoft

Administrate multiple stores

With a single installation, you can easily examine and keep hold of multiple stores. Get more sales and bring more customers to your site, with effective promotion tactics. A smart online store begins here!

SATHYA Technosoft

SEO - friendly

In order to provide the users with a top ranking site, SmartStore is integrated with SEO friendly URLs, Meta-Tags, Sitemap, Google Analytics, and so on. This will proffer great business opportunities for users.

SATHYA Technosoft

Mobile compatibility

To fulfill clients with the smart browsing experience, SmartStore is designed in such a way to accommodate any model of mobile phones. As the majority of the people is using mobiles for their searches, this is essential.

SATHYA Technosoft

It’s multilingual

Wanna have a strong global presence? Then opt to SmartStore. It bolsters multi-language and exceptional global settings, that makes currency management, tax calculation, and global shipping simpler and easier.

SATHYA Technosoft

Upgraded platform

It is associated with all the latest technology to make your work done easily in no time. Also, enjoy every moment you make use of SmartStore. We also have an expert team to assist you in case of any queries.

SATHYA Technosoft

Smart Web API

Easily acquire the read and write permission to all the app resources that you maintain. Also, integrate SmartStore with any of your business processes and make your work progress outstanding and perfect to the extreme.

SmartStore houses adorable features, need to know what?

Look at the collections below!

Client login

Every visitor who desires to make a purchase with your online store has to register and create an account. Via the created account, the user can store address, view and track orders made by him/her.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Handling orders and customers

This is essential in maintaining invoices, product ratings and blog entries which will be required for any customer to trust your online store and to buy easily from you.

Manage your stock

From the stock level management option, you can stay in the know of stocks of each and every product that you sell from your smartstore. This will keep you away from out of stock issues.

SATHYA Technosoft

Maintaining wide customer groups

You can choose specific customer groups and list your product prices to only that particular group.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft


To improve the standard of your online store you can receive feedback from the customers.

Gift coupons

For easy shopping, you can grant your customers with an option to grab gift coupons.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Wish lists

Here customers can create their own preferred wish list and they can easily share it with their friends and family.


You can create an in-depth product attributes so that clients can know its usage to the maximum.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Extensive variant displays

Provide various product options so that clients can pick their necessity easily.

Product comparison

Grant customers with an opportunity to compare the products that are available at your online store.

SATHYA Technosoft

Compatible with all forms of mobile devices

As many of the shoppers are originating from mobile devices, keeping your store adaptable for mobile devices is crucial and SmartStore helps with it.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

SMS alerts

Alert your customers when the chosen product is in stock to make them purchase the product without any further discussions.

Email marketing

Send frequent newsletter to your existing customers notifying them your latest offers and discounts.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Reviews and ratings

Encourage your customers to post review and rating so that you can improve the quality of your products.

Cross promotion

Promote your products based on the customers recently viewed product list.

SATHYA Technosoft


Lend your customers with the pre-ordering option even though the product is not available at that moment.

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Returning goods

With SmartStore, you can conserve time and save money with the returning procedures.

Track your delivery

Stay in the know of the status of your products that you have ordered online.

SATHYA Technosoft

Meta tags

Establish customized meta tags for every product, item category, and manufacturer that you have listed in your online store

SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Display latest news on home page

Update the current business news on the home page frequently, so that search engines identify that you are updated and keeps your site in the top ranking every time.

Cash on Delivery, Pre-payment, Credit Card

To make your purchase simpler with our online store, we have established various payment terms. In addition to payment on delivery, you can pay online too as we possess a trustworthy and confident site.

SATHYA Technosoft

Try Demo

We have set up a live demo for you to be able to test SmartStore.NET right away without installation. Get a feel for it and put all the available functions to the test, in the front as well as back-end! Please note that this is a public live demo, so other users can edit data at the same time.

SATHYA Technosoft

UserName : demo   |  Password : demo

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Responsive Theme Responsive Theme
Mega Search Mega Search
Mega Search Plus Mega Search Plus
Mega Menu Mega Menu
Content Slider Content Slider
Export (CSV, XML) Export (CSV, XML)
PDF Catalog PDF Catalog
Payment/Shipping-Filter Payment/Shipping-Filter
Output Cache Output Cache
OpenTrans & BMECat OpenTrans & BMECat
Azure BLOB Storage Azure BLOB Storage
WebApi WebApi
Plug-Ins (Multishop) Plug-Ins (Multishop)
Access to support forum Access to support forum
Access to updates Access to updates
Initial Installation Initial Installation
Online-Helpdesk | Ticketing Online-Helpdesk | Ticketing
Response guarantee Response guarantee
Liability & warranty Liability & warranty
Update service by manufacturer Update service by manufacturer
Emergency support Emergency support
Proprietary development support Proprietary development support
Developer support via email Developer support via email
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