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Following are some of the exceptional feature highlights of CuteSMS24.
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Files, Forms & Coupons in SMS

The bulk SMS service offered by CuteSMS24 provides a feature that enables you to send files, brochures, video files, survey forms, URLs, discount coupons or vouchers in the SMS. This will increase the effectiveness of your campaigning process.

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Send SMS

CuteSMS24 allows you to send bulk SMS to large masses. You can instantly reach your targeted audience in a single click. The messages that are sent can be customized before reaching the recipient. Bulk SMS can be sent to scheduled contacts too.

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Robust Data Security

The customer details and the message content that you provide us for sending the messages are kept safe with us. We ensure robust data security which creates trust among our clients. All data are kept confidential and we do not share without your concern.

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API Integration

You can easily integrate the SMS API with your software and get huge benefits from the CuteSMS24. The messages can be automatically sent when integrated through the API. May it be an OTP or transactional alerts it's done easily through the integrated API feature of the CuteSMS24.

SATHYA Technosoft

Monitor Campaign Metrics

CuteSMS24 provides an important feature of monitoring the campaign metrics. This feature involves keeping track of the number of members who visited the site through the link attached in the SMS, how many times they have viewed, etc. This helps you get a view of the estimated leads and sales you can earn.

SATHYA Technosoft

Schedule SMS

The timing can be scheduled to send the bulk SMS and also whom to send the message. The contact list can be grouped as whom to send what message. The messages are previously framed and then the timing is scheduled on when to send. This feature is easy to use and also provides flexibility in timings for sending the SMS.

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The SMS messages can be sent in various regional languages that are understandable by your customers. With this feature, you can connect with customers all around globally and advertise your product and earn more sales. Need not hesitate on how to reach customers of a different region. The multi-linguistic feature helps you reach targeted customers to promote your product.

SATHYA Technosoft

Marketing Tool

Promotional messages can be sent to existing customers and targeted audience using the CuteSMS24. It serves as the marketing platform for any business to enhance its operations further. Being a marketing tool it helps business owners market their products through messages that are viewed quickly by customers. This yields more leads and sales for the product marketed.

SATHYA Technosoft

DND Allowed

CuteSMS24 offers an interesting feature of sending Transactional SMS to those DND members. DND members can view the alerts and notifications through the Transactional SMS gateway. Promotional messages cannot be sent to DND members.

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